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Insurance Requesting A Thermal Scan

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July 15 , 2022

Why has my insurance requested Thermal Imaging?

There has been a recent trend of insurance companies requesting for businesses and companies to complete thermal imaging of their electrical boards within their operations to either receive insurance or reduce premiums, so why is that?  Thermal imaging can help locate electrical faults and problems before they cause a major failure such as a fire or loss of operations.


How Does It Work?

Thermal Imaging works by using a special type of camera that detects infrared radiation and converts this into temperatures.  Using these cameras, qualified and licensed thermographers are able to detect faults on electrical components before they fail.  Some of these faults can include:

  • Loose / improper terminations
  • Faulty components
  • Overloaded circuits
  • Unbalanced loads
  • Undersized connections and cables

Each of these above mentioned faults will create a different thermal pattern on the electrical equipment so it is vital that you utilize thermographers who are licensed and experienced in order to correctly examine and identify if a fault exists.  The below photo shows a circuit breaker with the red phase having a large elevation in temperature indicating either a loose / improper termination or an unbalanced load.

Termination or unbalanced load Fault on circuit breaker

Insurance Requirements.

When your insurance company requests Thermal Imaging of your electrical equipment there are a few things that are required to ensure that you receive an insurance compliant thermal scan, these include:

  • Licensed thermographer with a minimum of Level 1 qualifications,
  • Insurance compliant report that notes and details all thermal exceptions,
  • Detailed scope of works that includes location and description of on-site boards and equipment.

Many electricians offer to complete Thermal Imaging however, often they don’t hold at minimum a level 1 thermography qualification and as such insurers may require this to be completed again by a thermographer.  Further, many smaller and non specialised companies may not produce reports that meet insurance standards. 


At Thermal Scanners we ensure that all our field staff are certified thermographers with a minimum of a level 1 qualification and all our reports are checked for quality in our head office before issuance.  This ensures that all work completed is inline or exceeds insurance requirements to give our clients peace of mind.  


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