Mission Statement

Mission Statement

At Thermal Scanners, we believe that predictive and preventative maintenance is the best way to protect your business and facilities from any unforeseen failure and/or disasters. Our experienced technicians, diverse services and superior technology are what set us apart. Our success will continue to grow, by delivering on our four key principles: Value, Safety, Quality and Service.

Our Team

Thermal Scanners deploy highly professional independent surveyors to inspect the safety of our client’s electrical and mechanical equipment. Our team has a diverse range of qualifications and experience. In addition to holding Level 1 &/or Level 2 Thermography Certification, we also draw on our collective knowledge as qualified Electricians, Builders and Metallurgists. Thermal Scanners’ clients can be reassured of our training and knowledge in all the services we provide. Our services include Thermography – electrical, RCD Testing, Emergency/Exit Light Testing and microwave radiation leakage testing. Our frontline technicians are also supported and directed by the skilled team at our head office.



At Thermal Scanners, our prompt and discrete service is carried out by experienced, dedicated and highly trained technicians in their field of expertise. We use the latest technology and software to generate, analyse and report any concerns to our clients. All of our reports are precise, easy to understand and available within 48 hours of the completed inspection.

As we provide a variety of services, a tailor made report is created for each service and when required a compliance certificate is issued in line with the Australian standards. All reports include a detailed Scope of Works, outlining exactly what equipment has been inspected and/or tested throughout the service and the corresponding results.

These reports give a quick and comprehensive assessment of the situation, allowing the client to carry out any necessary action or repairs. Here are a variety of reports Thermal Scanners can provide:

Thermal Survey

RCD Inspection

Emergency/Exit Light

Microwave Oven Radiation Leakage

Upon identifying a highly dangerous priority 1 fault that needs to be repaired within 24 hours, we will fast track the report so that it is supplied within 12 hours of the completion of the inspection. This inspection report of the critical fault is supplied in conjunction with an on the spot verbal notification.

Our valued clients receive all reports in a PDF electronic format. A paper report is available on request at no extra cost. All other reports are available within 48 hours of the completion of the inspection, for further details please contact our Head office – 1300 309 562.

Join the Team

Thermal Scanners is a growing national company which is always keen to hear from motivated and talented people. Please submit your resume via email to our head office – info@thermalscanners.com.au and we will get back to you shortly.