Our Services
  • Electrical Thermal Imaging

    A Thermographic Inspection or Thermal Survey is regarded as the most powerful, remote, non-intrusive inspection technique available to establish the integrity & safety of electrical equipment.

  • Thermal Screening COVID-19

    Mitigate your staff and business' risk by implementing a non-invasive and cost efficient thermal screening. Thermal Scanners technicians identify any personnel displaying an elevated surface temperature in accordance with ISO/TR 13154:2017.

  • RCD Testing

    Thermal Scanners help clients to ensure their RCD’s are compliant and tested in line with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760:2010.

Australia Wide Thermal Imaging Specialists

Thermal Scanners provide quality and independent thermal imaging and preventative maintenance services to hundreds of clients across Australia.

At Thermal Scanners, we believe that predictive and preventative maintenance along with condition monitoring is the best way to protect your business and facilities from any unforeseen failure and/or disasters. Our thermal inspections have proven to prevent breakdown, significantly reduce downtime and the potential loss of revenue associated with it, whilst also reducing the risk of property loss.

Our experienced and qualified team of electricians and thermographers carry out accurate inspections and assessments of equipment in a variety of fields including the commercial and industrial sectors. All of our valued clients receive a thermal survey report, detailing the findings of the thermal inspection in an easy-to-read, user friendly report. All priority reports, where a thermal exception has been identified will be sent to the client within 24hours of completing a scan.

We provide fast, accurate and inexpensive thermographic inspections that in many cases will identify problems not found using conventional inspection techniques.


With regular thermographic inspections of your electrical equipment, it allows us to identify electrical faults, like the one shown above, before their failure becomes a costly concern for your business.

In addition to being Thermal Imaging specialist, Thermal Scanners can complete your Residual Current Device, Emergency/Exit Light and Microwave Radiation Leakage testing to ensure the long term safety of your business and staff.

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