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Is Your Solar System Not Working Well?

Thermal scanning can find faults with both electricity generating panels or solar hot water systems.  Thermal scanning can examine the units to find defective cells, panels, or blockages in hot water systems.  These can occur due to a number of reasons including:

  • Incorrect installation,
  • Defective manufacturing,
  • Damage from weather such as hail or dirt, and
  • Blockages caused by rust or presence of heavy metals.

Most faults with solar systems can not easily be detected by the naked eye instead thermal scanning can look “inside” to see how they are functioning. Thermal scanning must be completed during sunny days and under normal load operations, such that the inverters and other equipment are operational. The reasons for completing thermal scanning upon your PV cells include:

  • Ensuring highest efficiency during manufacturing and installation warranty,
  • Quality assurance after installation, and
  • Checking for damage after weather events such as hail or dust storms.

Has your electricity bill gone up and you have solar panels? Now may be the time to request a thermal inspection of your solar panels.

Thermal inspections of your solar panels are completed by a highly trained technician, and roof access is not always necessary.  Thermal Scanners operate a thermal scanning drone able to find faults in harder to reach places.

Thermal Scanners will provide help in understanding the requirements and benefits offered by utilising thermal imaging on all solar panel systems.  As part of the service Thermal Scanners will provide a detailed thermal report which includes:

  • Detailed scope of works,
  • Thermal and visual images of all Exceptions found including:
    • Detailed location of area of interest,
    • Date and time,
    • Priority rating (for level of importance), and
    • Possible causes (i.e. Bird droppings or crack in panel).
  • Qualification of thermographer.

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