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Mechanical thermal imaging is the use of thermal imaging to examine the operating temperatures of various mechanical devices in operation.  Thermal imaging can be carried out on a range of mechanical devices including:

  • Pumps,
  • Conveyor lines and rollers,
  • Bearings,
  • Motors, and
  • Generators.

The operating temperatures of the in-use components are compared to other in-use components and can find thermal hotspots (exceptions) including:

  • High wear areas,
  • High Friction areas,
  • Misalignment of shafts, and
  • Worn Bearings or surfaces.

Thermal scanning can help to find these problems before they become evident in the typical ways such as noise, burn marks or failure.  Furthermore, all mechanical components to be inspected must be active and under normal or peak load.

Finding these problems early can have a significant effect on cost and down time of services through:

  • Planning down time for repairs during non-peak times,
  • Reduce cost of repairs by only replacing faulty components,
  • Preventing an unexpected shutdown causing loss of productivity,
  • Minimising the risk of fire and further damage due to failure of components, and
  • Identifying high friction zones that may damage liners, belts or other expensive components.

Thermal imaging of mechanical components should be carried out on a regular basis (annually) as a part of a preventative maintenance regime to assess and ensure the health of all mechanical equipment.

thermal imaging

Thermal Scanners will provide help in understanding the requirements and benefits offered by utilising mechanical thermal imaging.  As part of the service Thermal Scanners will provide a detailed thermal report which includes:

  • Detailed scope of works,
  • Thermal and visual images of all Exceptions found including:
    • Location,
    • Date and time,
    • Priority rating (for level of importance), and
    • Possible causes (i.e. Worn bearing, misalignment).
  • Qualification of thermographer.

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