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Thermography is the use of IR cameras to capture heat radiation data.  The purposes of this are varied and range from fault identification in the electrical industry through to areas of air leakage in critical services such as cold rooms.  However, thermal scanning is able to be used in any application where accurate heat detection is a consideration.

Here at Thermal Scanners, we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of thermography usage, utilizing our dedicated and experienced team to push the limits of thermography applications.  Some alternative applications where thermography can be employed for research include:

  • Areas of high heat generation such as novel ovens.
  • Damage considerations from heat escaping near high heat sources.
  • Effectiveness of novel insulation materials or heat retardants.
  • Databank and computer server racks to detect premature failure.
  • Examination of internal defects in novel laminate construction materials.
  • Wherever else you believe heat may be a problem!

At Thermal Scanners we have a Mechanical Engineer on staff who is also an accredited thermographer to help assist in working out the best way to gather the data from a technical point of view.  Thermal Scanners also utilize the best equipment in the industry to be able to gather highly accurate data. 

Depending on the size of the job and the requirements we may ask that you purchase a FLIR tools + software suite.  This will have a two-fold benefit of allowing you to re-examine the data at any point in the future and also save contractor costs as we only gather the data and then provide assistance with the analysis as opposed to completing it.  If this is not possible due to IT constraints we can complete the analysis, however, depending on the requirements this can have extensive costs associated with it.

Contact our office today to discuss your thermal research needs and either a trained admin staff or specialized thermographer will be in touch soon.

Why would you obtain Thermal scanning?  There are a variety of reasons that one may obtain thermal scanning these can include:

  • Insurance
    • To obtain business or landlord insurance as required by the insurer,
    • To potentially reduce premiums for insurance policies.
  • Quality Assurance
    • Such as a pre-purchase due diligence check of commercial sites,
    • Ensuring quality of installation job such as electrical or cold room.
  • Cost minimisation
    • Reduce cost of electrical or mechanical faults by replacing parts before they fail
    • Reduce risk of costly fires or failures.

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Fast and effective way to prevent costly electrical repairs


Ensure the safety of your facilities, employees and the general public


Ensure the highest level of performance for all electrical systems


Reduce the risk of breakdowns, critical faults and downtime

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