Electrical Thermal Imaging

Why get a Thermal Survey?

Imagine if your company had a critical electrical fault that resulted in a major disruption to your business. What would be the cost incurred and revenue lost during this downtime? Would it be Thousands of dollars or tens of thousands?

It is known that electrical components can breakdown and become faulty overtime but it often goes undetected, until you either lose electricity, have a fire or electrical systems fail.

Does your business run to failure?

Or is your business operating a new way of thinking that is implementing planned preventative maintenance (PPM) programs to detect faults prior to failure. Thermal Scanners currently service hundreds of clients Australia wide, where we are utilising thermal imaging as part of their planned preventative maintenance programs.



Thermal Imaging detects faults that are not visible to the naked eye.


Above is an example of a thermal exception found – Contactor load side connection on a distribution board.









What is a Thermal Survey?

Thermal Imaging or a Thermographic Inspection is regarded as the most powerful, remote, non-intrusive inspection technique available to establish the integrity and safety of electrical equipment. The annual inspection forms apart of preventative maintenance and condition monitoring, where we aim to detect faults PRIOR to damage occurring that could result in loss, downtime or worse.


We are thermal imaging specialist and use our unique skills as an essential predictive maintenance tool. We prevent minor electrical faults developing into major failures, potentially averting critical breakdowns and therefore saving our clients money.


Thermal Scanners carry out comprehensive thermographic surveys across Australia.

A Thermographic Survey carried out by Thermal Scanners includes;

  • Thermal Scanning of all identified switchboards, carried out by a qualified thermographer.
  • Accurate records of visual and thermal exceptions of all switchboards.
  • Identification of relevant site hazards relevant to your Switchboard Safety.
  • Detailed, clear and easy-to-read report is developed using the latest in reporting software.
  • Fast and efficient report turn around – Within 24 hours for critical thermal exceptions.
  • A calibrated, modern infrared camera with high specifications.
  • A 100% independent thermographer, with no ulterior motivate to invent ‘phantom’ faults, to then charge for repairs.



Protect your assets today!








If you’re looking for the following:

  Fast and effective way to prevent costly electrical repairs

  Ensure the safety of your facilities, employees and the general public

  Ensure the highest level of performance for all electrical systems

  Reduce the risk of breakdowns, critical faults and downtime


Then a thermographic inspection is exactly what you need. Call us at Thermal Scanners today to book your thermal inspection or for a free no-obligation quote –1300 309 562.