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Thermal scanning can be utilized to find electrical faults the naked eye can’t detect.  An extension of this is to examine active server racks and/or databanks to determine components close to failing.  When critical components in data banks fail this can lead to a permanent loss of data or potential downtime for servers, which can have costly ramifications.

Reasons for the failure of these components can vary, some of the reasons are:

  • Incorrect installation causing heat degradation,
  • Running at peak performance for too long, 
  • Wear and fatigue of components, and
  • Inadequate spacing for ventilation requirements.

Some components typically run at high heat under peak performance such as CPU’s, however long-term usage of these components at these levels (over 100°C) can cause premature failure.  At Thermal Scanners we have a mechanical engineer who is also an accredited thermographer who will be able to assist in understanding and looking into the requirements at your site and develop a scanning regime.

Thermal Scanners are also looking for partners in the data storage industry to complete case studies to better identify how these faults can be detected, long before they can cause significant issues.  Please contact us today if you wish to work with us to ensure your data is safe and reduce downtime due to component failure.

Why would you obtain Thermal scanning?  There are a variety of reasons that one may obtain thermal scanning these can include:

  • Insurance
    • To obtain business or landlord insurance as required by the insurer,
    • To potentially reduce premiums for insurance policies.
  • Quality Assurance
    • Such as a pre-purchase due diligence check of commercial sites,
    • Ensuring quality of installation job such as electrical or cold room.
  • Cost minimisation
    • Reduce cost of electrical or mechanical faults by replacing parts before they fail
    • Reduce risk of costly fires or failures.

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Fast and effective way to prevent costly electrical repairs


Ensure the safety of your facilities, employees and the general public


Ensure the highest level of performance for all electrical systems


Reduce the risk of breakdowns, critical faults and downtime

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