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Maximizing the life of the conveyor belt system is of key importance due to the large expense associated with replacement.  This is both in terms of the replacement cost and also costly shutdowns.  The lifespan can be increased by identifying areas of high wear and friction.  The challenge can be in identifying these areas.  However, thermal scanning can help to identify friction locations due to the increase in heat which can be detected by the IR cameras.

What we can provide?

Thermal Scanners can complete a thermal mapping of your conveyor system, identifying areas of high heat inclusion due to:

  • High friction areas where the belt and rollers connect,
  • High friction areas due to landing angle of goods, and
  • Other associated problems caused by heat.

Thermal Scanners will provide help in understanding the requirements and benefits offered by utilizing thermal mapping of your conveyor system.  As part of the service Thermal Scanners will provide a detailed thermal report which includes:

  • Detailed scope of works,
  • Thermal and visual images of all Exceptions found including:
    • Location,
    • Date and time,
    • Priority rating (for level of importance), and
    • Possible causes (i.e. Worn bearing, misalignment).
  • Qualification of thermographer.

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