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Thermal Scanning can be utilised to examine the thermal loss of key infrastructure such as cold rooms and freezers.  This is completed by examining specific areas around the cold rooms including: 

  • Insulation connections (internal),
  • External and internal seals on all entrances and exit points,
  • Quality of installation of insulation panels,
  • Floor to ceiling joins and corners,
  • Utilising both positive and negative pressure techniques as required,
  • All penetration points such as electrical or plumbing, and
  • All accessible external areas around cold rooms.

Thermal variance is then able to be detected, where either hot air is entering (internally) into the cold room or a colder area is found on the external surfaces, these can be caused by:

  • Installation,
  • Insulation panels,
  • Joints and corner connections,
  • Connection between panels,
  • Sealing around penetration points,
  • Faulty or improperly installed seals.

Cold rooms must be operational and under normal load during inspections to find the thermal faults as the difference in temperature is required.

Some of the benefits of completing thermal scanning on your insulated cold room or freezer include:

  • Minimising loss of energy hence saving cost and energy,
  • Quality assurance for both installation and manufacturing, and
  • Finding any holes, or unsealed penetrations.

Thermal imaging of cold room insulations is a non-destructive testing service for all business owners, business managers, cold room construction companies and users of cold rooms. Thermal imaging of insulated rooms can be carried out on commissioning for quality assurance, any time during operation to check energy efficiency, or for insurance claims.   In addition, it is one of the only methods that can be used to find these faults as the majority of thermal issues can not be detected with the naked eye.

Thermal Scanners will provide help in understanding the requirements and benefits offered by utilising thermal imaging as part of your cold room insulation inspection.  As part of the service Thermal Scanners will provide a detailed thermal report which includes:

  • Detailed scope of works,
  • Thermal and visual images of all Exceptions found including:
    • Detailed location of area of interest,
    • Date and time,
    • Priority rating (for level of importance), and
    • Possible causes (i.e. Loose panel or Unsealed penetration point).
  • Qualification of thermographer.

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