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June 18 , 2018

Here at Thermal Scanners we find out all sorts about each other, so thought we would give you an insight to what inspires us and makes us happy 🙂

Same questions were asked so here are our answers.

Trevor Barnes- General Manager   

1.What is your favourite childhood memory?

Christmas and playing football on the lawn.

2. If you could have lunch with one person, who would it be?

Richard Branson.

3. What has been your greatest success in life so far?

My family and watching them grow up into adults.Learning the lessons in life .

4. What is your idea of the “perfect day”?

Breakfast with the family then  Surfing, swimming scuba diving, drinks with great friends on the balcony overlooking the sun set on the flat calm water.

5. What is an important lesson you have learned recently?

Treat people they way you would like to be treated

Jamie Marsh – Thermographer/Electrician




 1.Living in a small neighbourhood having regular game nights with my friends and playing Rugby League
 2.Darren Lockyer who has been my sporting idol since I was a teenager
 3.Purchasing my first home last year
 4.Something simple like going to watch a good movie, going to the footy and then going out somewhere nice for dinner
 5.Never plan too far ahead. Things change very quickly

Tayla Barnes- Asset Manager/Accounts




1.Singing and dancing around with the family, whilst playing musical chairs and block-block
2.The Dalai Lama.
3.Building my own online eco-friendly business ‘The Eco Project’ to help improve our Earth, environment and wildlife. Also visiting all the amazing places in the world I have been grateful to see and experience
4.Wake up for the beautiful sunrise, enjoy a yoga session, then off for a hike amongst nature in the hinterland, spending the rest of the day with my dear friends and family enjoying delicious food, deep belly laughs, playfully singing and dancing whilst enjoying great conversations and quality time with one another.
5.I am the creator of my own life – Life is happening for me, not to me! To give love, receive love and BE love to all!

Erica McAllister – Logistics/Client Account Manager




1.Being part of the audience for my favourite TV Show Fat Cat & Friends
2.Oprah… who else!!
3.My two beautiful children.
4.Relaxing at home with the family and a BBQ dinner
5.Remain Positive

Wendy Barnes – Accounts




1.Running at Sports day
2.My Husband Barnesy!!!
3.Beating Breast Cancer twice!!!
4.Swimming in the morning, not doing any house work or cooking going out for meals with the family & going for a ride on the motor-bike.
5.Don’t judge people!!

Angela Hammond – Office Administrator




1.Playing outside all day with all my cousins, we lived close to each other. And christmas with them all.
2.My Grandpa as he always had a good story to tell
3.Moving from Scotland to Australia and making a life with my husband and my 2 beautiful children
4.A long lie in, then day at beach with family and friends, watch the sun go down and sit under the stars with everyone, with good food and drink!
5.Sometimes the advice you give someone is the advice you should take for yourself also!