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Superior Technology – FLIR T640

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April 28 , 2017

Thermal Scanners take great pride in our work for our valued clients all around Australia. We believe we go the extra mile when thermally inspecting the safety of electrical switchboards. Ensuring that all boards have been thoroughly checked and any thermal exceptions reported in an easy to read report.

As apart of the report process, clear and precise thermal images are needed to capture the location of the faulted equipment and/or component. Thermal Scanners have just purchased a new, high quality infrared camera to keep up with the modern technology. This will not only improve our image quality, accuracy and distance of thermal scanning, but it also has some other pretty cool features such as thermal video recording and remote access to the camera, which will allow us to scan equipment that may have been inaccessible before.

Some key features of the FLIR T640 camera include:

  • 640 x 480 pixels
  • IFOV: 0.41 mrad
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Remote access to camera functions via Phone
  • Video recording function

We are all excited to continue performing high quality thermal inspections with this new top of the line technology.

If you require a thermographic inspection of your electrical switchboards or RCD testing  – contact us on 1300 663 742.

Team T.S.