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Life through a thermal camera

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April 05 , 2017

What does life through a thermal camera look like?

Infrared was discovered by astronomer Sir William Herschel in 1800, so it is has been around for a few years but only now are the public starting to fully understand how this technology work. The beauty about infrared is that we can use it on EVERYTHING! – from security, pest control to air heating and even body scans, it is so diverse!

Thermal Scanners have been specialising in thermal imaging for over 15 years, mainly focusing on electrical thermal imaging and mechanical thermal surveys. Whilst also completing additional services to thermal, such as RCD Testing and Emergency/Exit Light Testing.

For those that are still understanding the whole ‘infrared’ concept, check out this BuzzFeed video below that shows what life is like in thermal. We utilise the same infrared waves, but apply it to electrical, mechanical, building and industrial applications. Where our technicians must rely upon their thermography experience to accurately interpret the thermal patterns in these sectors, as all objects and components have different grades of absorbtion and reflection.

Warning: This video contains sexually explicit material.

What did you think of the video? Do you have a better understanding of what infrared waves and thermal patterns are?

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