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Cold Room Leakage – Case Study 1

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May 26 , 2021

Thermal Scanners were contracted to try and locate a problem with an existing cold room installation before the completion of sale.  The installation consisted of a small walk-in freezer at a restaurant.  

Water damage was found in the access corridor outside the business causing large damage to the external wall and constant water pooling on the floor. Further to this the freezer was not holding its temperature sufficiently.

During the thermal leakage scan Thermal Scanners were able to identify a fault in a corner of the freezer where the floor and walls connected. The fault pictured below had a temperature variance of more then 9°C compared to every other surface.  This fault was not able to be detected visually, as there was no cracking or separation evident in the corner or along the corner wall seam. This thermal pattern potentially means the insulation in the corner and potentially under the floor had failed causing large thermal leakage.

Fault found in corner of Walk-in Freezer
Thermal Leakage of a Corner Connection In Walk-In Freezer

Once the repairs had been completed a further scan was completed and showed no thermal leakage, in addition the water leakage was no longer occurring, most likely the thermal leakage was causing condensation on the internal side of the wall which is known as “sweating”.  

Thermal Scanners can provide a fault only report, within 2 business days from scanning, that will outline in detail all thermal exceptions that are found. In conjunction with this service, we can also complete the thermal imaging of your electrical equipment whilst our technicians are on site, to reduce costs.

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