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Case Study: Inspecting and Fixing a Circuit Breaker

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April 13 , 2023

Case Study: Inspecting and Fixing a Circuit Breaker


A Sydney-based company asked Thermal Scanners to check their electrical equipment due to occasional power outages. They wanted to prevent any electrical issues causing downtime or expensive repairs. Our expert came to the site and thoroughly examined the business’s electrical systems using electrical thermal inspection technology.

Finding the Issue:

The expert found a heat-related problem with a circuit breaker in an electrical panel during the inspection (see image below). Using a thermal imager, they discovered an unusually high temperature, which showed the circuit breaker’s cable connection was getting too hot. The expert informed the maintenance manager and suggested an immediate fix to prevent further damage or safety risks.

Sub-board electrical panel showing thermal fault at circuit breaker cable connection

Repairing the Problem:

The business manager approved the repair, and an on-site electrician quickly addressed the issue. After examining the circuit breaker, the electrician found a loose connection causing the heat problem. They tightened the connection and tested the circuit breaker to ensure it worked properly.

Verifying the Fix:

The expert performed another thermal inspection 20 minutes later and confirmed that the issue was resolved. The thermal imager showed a normal temperature, meaning the circuit breaker was no longer overheating. Thermal Scanners gave the business owner a detailed report of the repair, including before and after thermal images, and suggestions for maintaining the system to prevent future issues.

Sub-board electrical panel showing thermal fault at circuit breaker cable connection


This case study highlights the value of regular electrical thermal inspections to find potential problems and avoid costly downtime or safety risks. Detecting and quickly fixing the heat issue in the circuit breaker prevented more damage and safety hazards. The business owner was pleased with the inspection and repair process and now knows their electrical systems are working well and efficiently. Thermal Scanners serves many clients across different industries in the Greater Sydney area.

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