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Case Study Electrical – Industrial sites

Contactor, electrical thermal scanning, Fault Finding, isolator, overloader, thermal scanning,

September 27 , 2021

During a recent annual routine electrical thermal scan of a major industrial worksite, Thermal Scanners helped to locate and identify multiple major faults within the existing electrical infrastructure.  Some of these included excessive temperature located on Isolators, Circuit Breakers, Overload / Contactor setup and relays.  Thermal Scanners’ completes scanning of this site yearly, and due to the high level of power demands and usage, different components experience problems every year.  The previous year six faults were identified whereas during this year of scanning 13 faults were found.

High level fault on 250 Amp Isolator identified during Thermal Scanning

One of the major faults found on site was on an overloader / contactor setup which controls the fans for a crucial cooling stack.  If this cooling stack had broken, it would have caused a complete site shutdown while the fault was found, identified and rectified.  Further as the fault was at such a high range, the potential for an electrical fire was very real, which could have caused millions of dollars in damage.

High level fault on a overloader / contactor setup found during Thermal Scanning

The temperature of the above overloader / contactor setup was causing excessive temperature in both of the adjacent components, which will reduce their lifespan and cause additional costs for maintenance and replacement.  Pictured below is the contactor which shows the inside of the component beginning to burn and melt the casing.

Inside of the contactor identified in the thermal scan above

Thermal Scanners were still on site after replacement of the component, as such we completed another scan on the affected electrical board. It was found that the problem had been resolved and the adjacent components were running at normal operating temperature. Due to the company utilising thermal scanning they were able to replace a faulty component that was going to experience imminent failure before causing a site wide shutdown.