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Electrical thermal scanning is able to identify issues with your electrical infrastructure before they become major problems.  Thermal Scanners specialise in Electrical Thermal scanning and operate within the Coburg Region. The majority of electrical problems cannot be detected with the naked eye before failure occurs, but instead can be found early through electrical thermal scanning. Thermal Scanners can help verify the health of your electrical System within Coburg.

Thermal fault of electrical component located within the Coburg region

As can be seen in the above photo, there is no way to tell just by looking where a thermal fault is occurring!  These thermal exceptions and faults can range from:

  • Loose terminations,
  • Underrated cables,
  • Rust and degradation,
  • Unbalanced loads, and
  • Malfunctioning equipment.
Thermal fault of electrical component located within Coburg region

There has been a recent trend in insurance companies asking businesses to complete electrical thermal scanning of their electrical boards to obtain their insurance policy.  This is to mitigate against fire risks and reduce the chance of fatalities and property damage.  As there have been an increased amount of electrical fires around the Coburg region.

All electrical boards need to be scanned on a regular basis, at Thermal Scanners we recommend annual inspections. Some of the boards that require thermal scanning include:

  • Switchboards
  • Mechanical services boards
  • Sub-boards
  • Power factor correction units
  • Fuse-panels
  • Control panels

What benefits are there to thermal scanning?

  • Planning down time for repairs during non-peak times at your Coburg premise,
  • Identify overloaded circuits or under rated cables,
  • Reduce cost of repairs by only replacing faulty components,
  • Minimising the risk of fire and damage due to failure of components,
  • Ensuring longevity of components through balanced loads, and
  • Obtain or reduce the premiums of insurance.

Thermal Scanners utilise the latest in thermographic equipment with only the best technology in the marketplace passing our stringent standards.

FLIR camera for Thermal Scanning at a Coburg premises

As part of the service, Thermal Scanners complete the scan at your Coburg premise and within one business day provide the insurance complaint thermal survey report. The report will outline all thermal exceptions and provide a space for any repairers comments.

In conjunction with any electrical scan, Thermal Scanners can complete RCD testing at your Coburg Premise at the same time.

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Ensure the highest level of performance for all electrical systems


Reduce the risk of breakdowns, critical faults and downtime

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