Latest Thermal Image Technology

Thermal Scanners have the latest in high-tech thermal imaging cameras in use. All cameras have the ability to create images in real-time, and with their support equipment, can produce reports with rapid turnaround. This technology ensures that all plants and equipment are running at the highest level of performance as well as making certain that the required level of safety for your facilities, employees and the general public is maintained.

Thermal Image Camera Specifications

Not all thermal image cameras are equal, make sure you ask the question what is the cameras I.F.O.V.? The specifications on a camera are just as important as the thermographer who operates it. A low I.F.O.V. allows a camera to identify radiation more accurately and at a greater distance. At Thermal Scanners we have thermal image camera’s with an I.F.O.V. as low as 0.6mrad. Our high level camera specitications allow us to detect potential hazards in plant and equipment. An example of fuses on a distribution board is below.

Temperature range
Field of view/min focus dist
Instantaneous field of view
Thermal sensitivty
Electronic zoom function

0°C to +1500°C
±2% of range ±2°C
20° x 15°/0.4m, built in
0.6 mrad
0.6°C at 30°C
Continuous, 1-4 times in real-time

Thermal Image Spyglass and Viewports

The Mikron Spyglass™ lens and Viewport raise the safety and convenience standards for thermal inspections. With the cabinet door closed no downtime is required to de-energize circuits for safety reasons.

The MikronSpyglass™ lens views the entire cabinet through 0.5″ ViewPort Aperture. Thermal Scanners has installed and currently services Viewports with the MIkronSpyglass™. Please contact us on 1300 309 562 for further details.