Case Study:Building Thermal Inspection

One of the things we love best about Thermal Imaging is that it is so versitile. It can be beneficial and used in a variety of applications across many sectors.

Recently we have seen a dramatic increase for the markets need for Building Thermal Inspections, whether it be detecting water leaks, mould or missing insulation. Thermal Scanners have expanded our range of services to include Building thermography and have been completing various inspections.


One of our most recent building inspections was to detect the location of leaking water in a commercial complex. Some of the images, thermal and digital, from the site inspection can be found below.



These images above show water pooling on the rooftop carpark. This can be seen by the dark blue shades in the thermogram between the two vehicles.



These images above show evidence of water leaking through into the carry beam.


Overall our building thermal inspection proved to be very valuable and effective in locating the source of the water leak for this client. No doubt saving them a lot of time and money trying to locate the source using other methods.

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Superior Technology – FLIR T640

Thermal Scanners take great pride in our work for our valued clients all around Australia. We believe we go the extra mile when thermally inspecting the safety of electrical switchboards. Ensuring that all boards have been thoroughly checked and any thermal exceptions reported in an easy to read report.

As apart of the report process, clear and precise thermal images are needed to capture the location of the faulted equipment and/or component. Thermal Scanners have just purchased a new, high quality infrared camera to keep up with the modern technology. This will not only improve our image quality, accuracy and distance of thermal scanning, but it also has some other pretty cool features such as thermal video recording and remote access to the camera, which will allow us to scan equipment that may have been inaccessible before.


Some key features of the FLIR T640 camera include:

  • 640 x 480 pixels
  • IFOV: 0.41 mrad
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Remote access to camera functions via Phone
  • Video recording function

We are all excited to continue performing high quality thermal inspections with this new top of the line technology.

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Life through a thermal camera

What does life through a thermal camera look like?

Infrared was discovered by astronomer Sir William Herschel in 1800, so it is has been around for a few years but only now are the public starting to fully understand how this technology work. The beauty about infrared is that we can use it on EVERYTHING! – from security, pest control to air heating and even body scans, it is so diverse!

Thermal Scanners have been specialising in thermal imaging for over 15 years, mainly focusing on electrical thermal imaging, mechanical thermal surveys and building thermal inspections. Whilst also completing additional services to thermal, such as RCD Testing and Emergency/Exit Light Testing.

For those that are still understanding the whole ‘infrared’ concept, check out this BuzzFeed video below that shows what life is like in thermal. We utilise the same infrared waves, but apply it to electrical, mechanical, building and industrial applications. Where our technicians must rely upon their thermography experience to accurately interpret the thermal patterns in these sectors, as all objects and components have different grades of absorbtion and reflection.

Warning: This video contains sexually explicit material.

What did you think of the video? Do you have a better understanding of what infrared waves and thermal patterns are?

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Case Study: Leaking roof through Cyclone Debbie

– Building Thermal Inspection

We all know that Queensland is currently tackling the grunt of Cyclone Debbie and all the rainy and windy weather that comes with it. But did you know that thermal cameras can not only scan for higher temperatures in electrical thermal inspections, but can also detect cold spots in building inspection. And that was exactly what happened during this rainy weather.

Thermal Scanners were able to use the large amounts of rain to perform a building inspection for one of our private clients who was experiencing a leak in their roof. Our infrared cameras were able to detect the exact areas where moisture and water were present within the ceiling, due to the leak in the roof.








The image above shows an alternate area of the ceiling, where the roof is completely sealed. The only variation in the thermogram is from the beams in the roof. The visual image is also displayed above. Could you use this visual image alone to pin point where the water damage was occuring? I don’t think so…

We used are infrared cameras to detect the water affected areas of the ceiling, as shown in the thermogram below. There is a significant difference between both thermal images shows the affected ceiling area where the roof is leaking.



There was a large area of both moisture and water in the ceiling that was detected during the thermal scan. Over time this problem can become excessively worse causing a whole variety of damages and additional costs.

With our building thermal inspection we were able to detect the area of the ceiling that had evidence of water, therefore pinpointing where the roof was leaking. Our client was then able to get an industry professional to come and fix the leak in the roof, not to mention in a more timely and efficient way due to the known location of the leak. If only they had got a thermal inspection completed prior to the downpour of rain from Cyclone Debbie. That is why preventative maintenance and condition monitoring is so important, as it ultimately saves you a lot of money in the long term.

All up it was a job well done!

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We are Bloggers

Here at Thermal Scanners, we have all the latest info and cameras when it comes to infrared technology. However, when it comes to social media we have been severely lacking, BUT not for much longer!! We are finally getting on board the blogging and social media train!!

We are going to be blogging, vlogging, insta-ing, snap chatting, facebooking…only joking, thats just insane! For now Thermal Scanners just have a Facebook page, so check it out by clicking the link. Plus obviously our blog posts, where hopefully we can share some pretty cool facts about thermal imaging across a variety of applications.

We are unsure as to whether this social media presence will be beneficial for the type of work we complete. Does anyone really go on facebook to get their thermal scanning and RCD testing completed? I dont think so, but you never know. So please give us any feedback that can help us improve this site – all comments are welcomed, in fact encouraged!

Stay tuned for (hopefully) another blog post soon…

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